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Of all the Hindu gods (and there are crores of them), Lord Ganesha holds a place that people across India love and admire. Known for his wisdom and benevolence, the child of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati is a marker of all things auspicious.

But the thing about Ganesha that appeals to people the most are the stories weaved around him, including those that describe his love for all things delicious.

There are a few food items that Ganesha is associated with. Here's a look at five of those very special ingredients.

1. Modak

There's a reason why Ganesha is called 'modapriya' or the lover of modaks. The dumplings stuffed with sweet coconut and jaggery are quite the delicacy. So when a visitor at Kailash mountain gifted a modak to Parvati, she asked her sons to divide it among themselves. Neither Ganesha nor Kartik wanted to do that, so Parvati set them a test--whoever circles the world thrice the fastest can claim the delicious sweet dish.

Kartik set off to circle the world, but Ganesha just circled his parents thrice, proving that they meant the world to him. Impressed by his gesture, Parvati gave him the modak, and the dessert has been associated with Ganesha ever since. Even today, a variety of modaks--steamed, fried, chocolatey--are offered up to Ganesha's idols on Ganesh Chaturthi.

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2. Motichoor laddoo

Clearly, Ganesha loves all things sweet, and his ample belly is proof of that. You wouldn't find a single idol or painting of his without a laddoo on one of his four hands. Yes, he clearly loves motichoor laddoos--the Indian sweet made with saffron-infused and aromatic, tiny boondi.

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